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Fabric Bands - 4-set

Fabric Bands - 4-set

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Stackable fabric resistance bands

A set of four 41" fabric loop resistance bands.

Key Benefits:

  • Durability & Safety Heavy duty nylon and latex thread construction makes these bands extremely durable and snap-resistant
  • Enhanced Comfort: Fabric is much more comfortable against the skin than pure latex
  • Better Resistance & Stretch Capacity: Higher resistance and stretch capacity compared to most fabric bands on the market with 3X stretch capacity and a combined total 360lbs of resistance
  • Versatile Functionality: Great or all kinds of anchors exercise and athletic movements


  • Material: Nylon & Latex
  • Stretch Capacity: Up to 3X resting length
  • Stitching: Reinforced
  • Dimensions & Resistance Levels (at full extension singled and doubled): 
    • 2.5cm x 104cm x 5mm : 30-60lbs
    • 3.5cm x 104cm x 5mm: 40-80lbs
    • 4.5cm x 104cm x 5mm: 50-100lbs
    • 5.5cm x 104cm x 5mm: 60-120lbs
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