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Silicone Bands - Latex Free - 5-set

Silicone Bands - Latex Free - 5-set

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Set of five 41 inch loop 100% silicone resistance bands.


  • Hypoallergenic, no white residue, no rubber smell
  • Comfortable but grippy skin contact
  • Ergonomic rounded edges to reduce pressure points
  • Chemically stable and does not degrade from the elements like latex
  • More gradual resistance profile feels more natural 
  • Can stretch up to 3X resting length
  • Greater tear and snap resistance than moulded latex bands

Resistance levels

1.3mm - 10-15lbs

2.1mm - 20-30lbs

3.2mm - 30-45lbs

4.5mm - 40-60lbs

6.4mm - 50-85lbs

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